As undergraduates at Lindenwood University, Rick Duree saw a need for students to have more inexpensive textbook options, so he founded BOOK-X-CHANGE, a local rental textbook outlet.  Rick has expanded to 4 locations across 3 states, customizing textbook solutions to fit student’s needs.


In 2005, Rick graduated cum laude and with Honors from Lindenwood with two Bachelor’s Degrees in Finance and Intl Business.  In 2008, he received a Master’s Degree in Intl Affairs from Washington University.

Duree Center for Entrepreneurship

 Soon after, Rick joined Lindenwood’s Business Advisory Board and founded the Duree Center for Entrepreneurship with the mission to “create, nurture, and advance ...


Over the height of the real estate boom I invested hundreds of thousands in Costa Rican real estate. Then, the real estate bubble burst. Vacationing, foreign investment, land development, and the whole of USA middle class wealth fell off the table. Finally, the land development company I was working with went out of business without completing their part of the deal.

Even though you may have wonderful kids, an amazing life, good health, and strong faith, you can’t avoid all the pitfalls in life. Major failures have humbled me to the core reminding me that I’m just another ‘Joe’ in this world trying to get through to the end in one piece.


Lindenwood University's 2011 Alumni Merit Awardl

Lindenwood University's 2011 Alumni Merit Award

St Charles

City of St. Charles' 2011 Employer of the Year Award

St Charles

St. Louis Small Business Monthly Magazine's 2010 “Winning Workplace” Award

Street Scape Magizine

Streetscape Magazine's "Beyond the Best - Top 50 in Business" Award

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