Best Ways to Give Back

You want to know how to “Give Back?” You want to broadly serve your fellow man? Solve the world’s problems one entrepreneurial endeavor at a time. Bring desirable product improvements to market, hire people, expand your operations, and increase economic growth throughout the community.


It’s not as easy as it sounds, and it doesn’t sound all that easy. The secret to creating new business solutions or product lines that people will love is discovering what people are doing inefficiently; the “pain” of wasted time, money, and manpower. If you keep your eyes open, think outside of your own experience, and question the logistics of the workings around you, you’ll be surprised how many improvements and new creations come into your vision.


The Duree Center seeks to inspire and support the entrepreneurial spirit in the Greater St. Louis region by creating, nurturing, and advancing entrepreneurial endeavors through long-term mentorship, partnership, and innovation.


XLR8 helps communities thrive by leveraging strengths and reducing challenges through common sense regional collaboration.

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