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I began my path following the normal steps the “experts” give us all to get ahead. You know: graduate high school, go to college, get a good job, and climb the corporate ladder to some kind of financial success and stability.

OK, college was fun, I’ll give ya that. But the corporate life didn’t really appeal to me. So, I constantly kept my eyes open for any needs in the community that weren’t being satisfied by the market.

I first thought, “there’s no good deals left to be had. Smart people have already solved all the obvious problems out there. I’ll be lucky to find anything that really stands out.” Depressing? You betcha. But once I fought past my mental block, I tried something that helped me find the so-called “pain” out there in the market. It opened my eyes to possibilities I had no concept of previously. (Take note! This next thing may actually change your life.) I started my first “Idea Notebook.” Everyday I pushed myself to:

    1) Find one product or service currently available in the market that I thought needed to be improved in some way.

    2) Create one new product or service that didn’t exist to my knowledge, but that I wanted to see offered.

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